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    Our goal is to be the most innovative and customer oriented flavourings manufacturer in the industry.

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    We develop and manufacture the highest quality flavourings for the UK, European and Worldwide food and drinks industries.

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    Our range of natural flavours have been created to perform in a wide range of food and beverage products.

Natural Flavours learning from science, borrowing from nature

Our goal is to be the most innovative and customer oriented natural flavourings manufacturer

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Doing what comes naturally...

Create Flavours – Leading the industry in Natural Flavours

Today’s sophisticated consumer expects great tasting products made with ever more natural ingredients and over the past 10 years we have witnessed a seismic shift away from the use of synthetic food ingredients across the European Food and Beverage industries.

We expect the trend towards natural flavours and ingredients to continue to grow and in not many years’ time the use of natural flavouring systems will be the rule rather than the exception.

We set up Create Flavours with the express purpose of developing and manufacturing the best performing and most cost effective natural flavourings in the business. We now believe that we have the most comprehensive and innovative range of natural flavours in the industry.

To meet this growing demand for Savoury and Sweet Natural flavours we are continuing to invest heavily in research into natural flavours and manufacturing. Over the past 10 years over 90% of our R&D spend has gone into developing new and novel natural flavourings and we now have some of the most authentic and cost effective products in the marketplace.

As the industry evolves Create Flavours remain committed to pushing the boundaries of both sweet and savoury natural flavour creation to another level, we will endeavour to meet the continually changing needs of our customers more efficiently and effectively, but most of all we are determined to provide our customers with clean and natural tasting flavours which will add 'real' differentiation and value to their products.

The Focus

The company is focusing on ensuring that Create Flavours remains the leading innovator in the Natural Flavour market.

Identifying future market trends and voids in our current natural collection means sourcing and developing new raw material in order to optimise flavour profiles.

Tracking existing and future legislative detail regarding natural flavours also keeps us on the ball.

Case Studies

Why work with us?

Customer Focussed Solutions - NPD

We understand the pressures placed on product developers in today’s busy and time pressed environment. We offer optimised next day samples that perform, tailoring of flavours to your exact requirements and help and advice with recipe development.

Customer Focussed Production Solutions

Our super-efficient manufacturing regimes mean our turnaround times are second to none. We offer short lead times, we pack to your batch requirements and we offer consistent quality.

Very early on we recognised the need to develop and manufacture high quality natural flavours. Our dedication to this area has led to us developing some of the most unique product defining flavourings available today.